February 21, 2024

Lego Fortnite: Gaming giant launches Minecraft rival

The widespread popular video game Fortnite has begun a high -level cooperation with Lego.

Craft has always been the primary mechanic of the online shooter, with more than 400 million players.
Now it has released a completely new survival game mode, where the players will handle their crafts with bricks.
And it seems that it has affected the mine craft-a Lego-style block building and crafting game-which is the highest selling game of all time.
Fortynite has numerous game modes, but its online war Royal is the most popular of its so far, where 100 players face the last place.
On the other hand, Mine Craft is a survival game in which players make craft tools and weapons along with structures.
When Fortnite first released it, it came with the same kind of craftsmanship mode, called Fortnite: Save the World, which was already issued before the Royal Mode of Royal Mode.
But the extraordinary popularity of Fortnite: Butal Royal – Inspired by the Japanese thriller film of the same name and player non -battlefields – completely awakens other methods of the game, and Fortnite is now mostly an online shooter. Known as crafts elements.
All of this means that the new cooperation is to bring Fortnite back to its roots in a way, but the link up with Lego is more than just one face.
Gameplay footage shows that the world of Lego products has changed dramatically, with structures and roles.
And there are moments that are clearly affected by the Minecraft, players make fences around the sheep, grow vegetables, and eat around the campfire, as well as cut the trees to get the goods to prepare the goods. can go.
But Fortnite’s fans will not be surprised with high-level cooperation, as the game is known for it-before the game was organized in the game with real celebrities such as Marshmello and Ariana Grande.
Despite having 70 million monthly players on a large scale, Fortnite developer epic games want more.
“This is about an extension,” said President Adam Susan.
“From children to adolescents, these experiments are also an extension in terms of appealing to a variety of audiences.”

Baby and young

From the 1997 fans’ favorite Lego island to Star Wars, Harry Potter and Miracle, modern tie has been a large amount of Lego Games in many years, in many years.
But these games, like bricks themselves, are almost always appropriate for young children.
On the other hand, Fortnite has been classified in the UK and the European Union, which means that it is considered suitable for children aged 12 and older. It has a similar rating in the United States.
To deal with this, Mr Susan said that the EPIC has worked on parental control and online safety properties to ensure that the game is appropriate.
“One of the things we recently implemented was a rating system, so every piece of content is given appropriate status for the audience,” he said.
“And through the control of our parents – allow parents to decide what kind of content their children will see.
“As an example, [Fortnite Lego Mode] E10+ is classified, while Fortnite has not been classified. We believe with this rating, we can appeal to young audience and the audience. You can attract a new set that will now experience Fortonite. ”
However, in the past, Fortnite faced some criticism, in particular from Prince Harry, who said the game was “made up to be addicted” in 2019.
But Urugamar Editor -in -Chief Tom Philips said such comments are usually made in video games.
“One of this criticism is: How do people spend their time, how are they talking to other people on the Internet?” he said.
Finally, he said that people want to play on the basis of their interests, and if they don’t like shooting games, they can easily avoid them.
“Royal, according to your nature, you are going to fight, you are shooting people. And there are people who either don’t want to engage with it, or there are people who like it, such as With Lego, maybe a little young for her. ”
For Lego, it may not be known what will happen to the link up with Fortentite, but his Chief Product and Marketing Officer Julia Golden said it was the cost of ambitions.
“Every cooperation and everything you do, especially the things you are, are taken with many unknown people,” he said.
“We don’t yet know how the game is coming down, what other children want to do, what are the things to resonate, and what things won’t do.
“So there are already some types of updates and new ideas that are coming to the coming … Second type of games that will start to be available on the Fortnite platform during 2024.”

Lego Fortnite: Gaming giant launches Minecraft rival

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