7 keys from the Patriots in a 27-17 loss to the Chiefs

7 keys from the Patriots in a 27-17 loss to the Chiefs

The New England Patriots struggled early against the Kansas City Chiefs, but big plays and a big mistake opened up an opportunity for Patrick Mahomes that he didn’t waste, quickly re-establishing a double-digit lead. Hoy, a 27-17 win at Foxboro. .

Things looked promising early as Bailey Zappé completed all but two passes to take a 10-7 lead into the second quarter, but the Pats’ defense could only contain Mahomes for so long. Until the reigning Super Bowl champions showed why they’re still going strong. Out for any playoff opponent they face.

Kansas City scored 20 straight points after trailing 10-7, while New England’s second-half layup included four consecutive three-and-outs as they continued their early-game production for the second straight week. Failed to restore. a row.

Kevin Harris added a touchdown for the Patriots in the fourth quarter to stop the bleeding on Jahalani Tawai’s pass break, and the defense would then force another punt to make things a little more interesting down the stretch. , but New England’s fourth down attempt. The six-yard line fell incomplete and Kansas City cruised to victory.

Here are the takeaways from the loss that dropped New England to 3-11.

1. Penalties and missed field goals mark early game action.

The Patriots looked like they were off to a great start when Jalen Rigor received the opening kickoff and took it 46 yards, but a holding penalty by Brandon Schooler wiped the play off the board. New England’s offense started with a backup at their 13-yard line and quickly turned into a three-and-out fumble.

On Kansas City’s first offensive play, the Chiefs punted on a 32-yard pass play, but New England’s defense stepped up to help stop the drive, as an offensive pass interference penalty on a pick play put the Chiefs behind. left Harrison Butker missed a 39-yard field goal to keep the score at 0-0 as the two teams felt each other out early in the game.

On his second possession, Zappe began working in the pocket, showing a quick release and good field sense, as he hit DeVante Parker for a 20-yard gain and Demario Douglas for 16 yards as New England beat Kansas City. Moved to the area. But once again a penalty would halt the opening drive as Douglas was called for a rare offensive facemask that cost 15 yards.

Chad Ryland would in turn miss a field goal of his own, this one from 41 yards out, his third in four games.

2. The Chiefs go hard for the first score.

The Chiefs would waste little time taking advantage of the Patriots’ missed field goal, quickly marching down the field in four plays, fueled primarily by a 48-yard screen pass to Clyde Edwards-Hillier that the Patriots defense took advantage of. It looked like a blown cover from the side. Two plays later Jerick McKinnon would take a direct snap from a loaded backfield that also had Patrick Mahomes in a three-point stance. Rookie Rashee Rice came in streaking and McKinnon flipped it to him as the running back picked up his first passing touchdown to give KC a 7-0 lead.

In the first matchup between two coaches who combined for more than 500 wins, Andy Reid showed off his offensive creativity on the play, as twice the Chiefs were able to take advantage of New England’s defensive lapses. stay

3. The Patriots answer on offense and defense.

The Patriots offense responded with a relentless scoring drive, converting two third downs and going on fourth down to pick up New England’s first touchdown of the game. Zappe again showed good composure in the pocket, making two key throws on third down, one to Hunter Henry and the other to DeVante Parker for 19 yards.

After a short stop on third-and-2, the Pats stayed aggressive inside Chiefs territory. Zappé threw the pass to Henry and the tight end made a dynamic catch on the perfect throw, coming down with the ball for the counter score. Henry and Parker came up big early in the game as both turned in productive days that helped spark New England’s offense. Through four drives, the duo combined for 101 receiving yards in a 7-7 ballgame midway through the second quarter. Zappe completed 17 of 19 passes to start the game. The tie will not last long.

Kansas City got the ball back after the Patriots scored and in his first game, rookie Marte Mapo ripped off an intended pass from tight end Black Bull for the game’s first turnover. It was Mapo’s first career interception and he returned it 20 yards to the Kansas City 15-yard line. Connor McDermott caught a penalty and took the second Henry touchdown off the board, forcing the Pats to settle for a field goal as they took a 10-7 lead.

Mapo had a quiet late season but saw some early reps and made the most of them, making a play that both he and the team could build on.

4. Big third down plays give KC a halftime lead.

Two big third-down plays helped Kansas City regain the lead at halftime as Mahomes went 31 yards on third-and-8 and 20-yards on third-and-9. Even with good early down play, the quarterback showed why he’s so dangerous as big plays were a big problem for New England on the Chiefs’ scoring drives. Those big plays also came as Mahomes was having the worst big passing play season of his career. He had just one explosive passing touchdown entering the game this season. Meanwhile, Zappé did not attempt a deep pass but completed all four of his intermediate attempts.

It was an 11-play, 80-yard drive as McKinnon would cap it off with a six-yard touchdown catch at his own stat line after throwing the game’s first score, the Chiefs taking a 14-10 lead into the locker room. in half.

5. Chiefs extend lead twice, quickly.

Kansas City kept their momentum going in the second half and used the same formula with big plays and third down conversions. On his first play of the second half, Mahomes hit Rashee Rice for 23 yards and things were rolling. He converted another third down for 11 yards when he needed 10 on a crossing route by Rice. Then, Rice would add another 17 yards on another reception that moved KC to the New England 14-yard line, but the Patriots’ defense would stiffen inside the red zone, with Travis Kelce designing for him. The last three plays will be kept in check.

The Chiefs settled for a field goal that made it 17-10, and they would quickly get another chance to add to the lead as Bailey Zappe promptly threw a first-down interception that put the Chiefs up seven. Returned to the yard line. . They would score on another late-in-the-down throw by Mahomes that was right to Clyde Edwards Hillier for another score.

KC would add another field goal after the Patriots’ third three-and-out, a 54-yarder by Butker that made it 27-10. The drive included plays of 17 and 20 yards, as KC drove 39 yards in six plays for its fourth straight scoring drive as the Chiefs ran away with it.

New England took a 10-7 lead into the second quarter but ran just two plays from that point until 9:22 into the third quarter, suddenly finding itself down 24-10 and getting worse. It’s what big plays and turnovers can do and how quickly they can change the complexion of a game.

6. Lack of injury

Injuries plagued the Patriots in this game, as Cole Strange suffered a leg injury and was out immediately, never a positive sign. Starting left tackle Connor McDermott left with a head injury in the second half, while Hunter Henry also sustained a low hit in the fourth quarter that sent him out of the game. Even Matthew Slater went down and had to be watched, while Jonathan Jones battled a season-long knee injury and was ruled questionable to return at halftime. He continued to duke it out hard into the second half. Ja’Whaun Bentley was another Patriots late-game trip to the medical tent but will return to the game, while Anfernee Jennings and Jabrill Peppers also had to be attended by the medical staff in the fourth quarter.

It was a disappointing loss on the scoreboard, but injuries could have an even bigger impact for the final three games of the season.

Kevin Harris scored an 18-yard touchdown against the Kansas City Chiefs.

7. The Patriots are now 3-11.

The Patriots made things interesting early with an extended drive touchdown and then a field goal after a turnover, but shortly after taking a 10-7 lead into the second quarter, it was all Chiefs for four straight drives as they not only regained the lead. But raised it to an insurmountable level. Zappe showed some spark but his third-quarter interception inside his own territory was a game-breaker.

Meanwhile, NE’s defense allowed a lot of big plays and late throws from Mahomes that made up the bulk of KC’s offense. They did a good job containing Travis Kelce, but Mahomes showed why he’s the best quarterback in the game and picked up the Pats’ defense as the Chiefs ran away with the game.

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